So. Hungry.

We’re closing out the first workweek while following the Blood Sugar Solution program. My husband – whose idea it was to do this in the first place – is feeling better already, and he has lost 4 lbs (typical man).

I feel about the same. No better, no worse. I have a cold/weird allergy thing going on, so that might be making any early results fuzzy. I have mixed feelings about things so far. This is tough.

On the plus side, I feel good, virtuous almost grocery shopping, buying the things you know you’re supposed to buy but typically put back on the shelf so you can make room for some Ben & Jerry’s. Another good side effect is that I have a bit more energy at the end of the evening. Granted, with it comes a headache that I never used to get, but at least I’m able to get a little bit more done before heading off to bed.

On the other hand, I’m hungry. Really hungry. Breastfeeding makes me constant hungry as it is, but add this whole foods diet into the mix and I’m always thinking about my next snack. And my husband is feeling the hunger pangs too. I cannot pack enough into our lunches to keep us from getting hungry before dinner. I’ve got the solution – hopefully – I know next week I will have to tweak my menu planning and add heavier stuff to our packed lunches.

I’m also feeling a little disappointed in myself. I thought I knew my stuff when it came to healthy foods. However, every day so far, when I assessed how we did on the gluten-free, sugar-free, almost-dairy-free diet, I feel like I’ve unwittingly failed. It wasn’t bad stuff we ate – neither of us have fallen for the homemade temptations brought to work. It just was stuff that’s forbidden during the six weeks of this program. So, one day I put golden raisins in a salad. Whoops. Another day, we had quinoa at two meals when we really should just have a ½ cup a day. Oops. And stop the presses! I ate store-bought hummus with my raw veggies. GASP! (What would the good Dr. Hyman, creator of this program, think?)

We’re being good, but it’s just hard to keep track of everything. And it’s hard not to want to kick yourself for slipping up every day. If I’m going to slip up, I should do it in big style and have a beer. Eating too much quinoa shouldn’t count.

Our biggest hurdle so far is breakfast. What the heck do you eat for breakfast when you aren’t eating gluten or sugar and you don’t want processed food (because there are a TON of gluten-free breakfast stuff out there, but it’s all processed)?! You can only eat eggs so many mornings in a row, even with creative sides like sautéed peppers and onions or spinach. We tried a tofu fruit smoothie this morning and we were still so hungry we had to scramble up some eggs.

I bet you’re wondering how the no caffeine thing is going. Oh, we almost broke down. That happens when you have two kids who won’t sleep through the night. But we haven’t. We both sip our green tea and battle the urge to sneak a cup of joe. We won’t because we’re both competitive and don’t want to be the first to fall.

I’m experiencing good and bad things from cutting out caffeine. As I mentioned above,  I don’t hit a wall as early at night – by 9 o’clock I’m not super exhausted like I used to be (well, last night I was, but that was because my 10-month-old drew out bedtime for two hours and that takes a toll on any soul). But the first couple of nights, I was going strong on chores until up to bedtime. Then I slept great … until the my 2 ½ year old woke up to scream into the monitor that he had a boogie on his finger at 2 a.m. But, the key thing is that I had been sleeping great until that point.

Sorry this wasn’t a post with rave reviews of the Blood Sugar Solution. It’s still really early. Hope my next post will have some more positive updates and good results!


About kareiner

I'm an active mom who loves to cook. I'm passionate about health and fitness. I'm no expert, nutritionist, personal trainer or miracle worker. I just like being active and I like good food.
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