More Time To Cook Or More Time With Your Kids?

Sorry for the long delay in posts recently. It turns out having two kids is not easier than having one. Who knew??


Tonight was one of those nights when I had to raid the pantry to make dinner. The plan was to go to the grocery store to get fresh food after my son’s doctor’s appointments, but that didn’t happen. So, out comes the Boca crumbles into a tasty sloppy joe creation, and then I popped open cans of baked beans and green beans. Not exactly a super wholesome meal, but it was quick and my son actually ate it. So it was a success.

Dinner’s ready, kids!

I recently read a well-written blog post at defending giving pre-prepared food to your children. Initially, I admit, I had a flicker of “I’d never do that” for the idea. Because, pre-kids Kim would never do that (to see other dumb “I’d never” ideas that pre-kids moms have had, read this hilarious post). But, clearly as tonight demonstrated, I do that.

It feels good to admit it. I’m not Super Mom. She doesn’t exist.

My husband and I both love to cook and if we had more free time, I think we’d have some awesome gourmet dinners each night. I bought an 60-year-old French cookbook at a used bookstore the other day thinking about how exquisite these dishes would taste. I think I will have to wait 18 years to find out.

We don’t have the time right now to attempt any French cuisine these days. We both work full time. We get home from work, rush to make dinner and if we bring our A Game to the dinner prep and eating, we have maybe an hour to spend with our toddler before we get him ready for bed. At least the baby has a later bedtime at the moment. If we took any longer than 30 minutes on dinner, our time with our son disappears.

And I want as much time as possible with him (and my baby girl once she’s moved past the sleep-20-hours thing). I read this blog about what a 4-year-old needs and it just reaffirmed that a young kid doesn’t need a four-course homemade meal every night, he just needs quality time with his parents.

What do you think – Is it worse to serve pre-made food to your kids or to not spend enough time with them?


About kareiner

I'm an active mom who loves to cook. I'm passionate about health and fitness. I'm no expert, nutritionist, personal trainer or miracle worker. I just like being active and I like good food.
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