Races To Sign Up For Now

2009 Living History Farms Race photo courtesy of desmoinesregister.com

Two races coming up that are most area runners’ “Fun Runs” to not miss. Sign up for them now, or forever hold you peace … until next year.

The first is the Beer & Bagel Run on Nov. 6. An email Thursday from Peak Performance stated the race has not sold out, but it WILL. They accept 2,500 runners and so far they have 2,200. So sign up today if you want to do this run. Go to here to register and read more about it.

The race is in Ashland, NE, at the Quarry Oaks Golf Course. I have not done it at the new course, but I have heard the 4-mile off-road run is hilly, very hilly. The run could be difficult for some inexperienced runners, but it is doable and won’t take too long to finish even if you have a slow pace.

Now, when I say the run is “fun,” well, it should be explained that the atmosphere is really fun, everyone is in a good mood (perhaps dressed up for the holidays) and there is beer at the end.  It may be cold (though the prediction calls for 60 degree weather).  When I did the run a couple years ago, I finished with icicles in my hair. No joke.

The race I have yet to do but have heard so much about is the 33rd Living History Farms Off-Road Races held outside of Des Moines, IA, on Nov. 19.

Go here to see a video of it.

This race is capped at 7,500 runners and ALWAYS fills up. I tried to sign up for the race last year and missed out because two weeks ahead of time was not early enough to sign up. Part of the draw of this race is all the crazy costumes people wear, often dressing in groups.

See more of the Des Moines Register’s collection of race photos from two years ago here.

According to the race website: “You will again be challenged by the world’s richest farm land as you wade through creeks, dodge farm animals and claw your way to the top of gullies with 7500 (limit) other runners of questionable senses. It’s a great way to end the racing season and experience running stories to re-live and re-tell throughout the winter.”

Common questions about the race:

Will it be cold? Probably!

Will I get wet? Probably!

Will I get dirty? Probably!

Do I need gloves? Yes!

Exactly how far is it? 7 miles


Since I just started back running after five months off, I am in no shape to run either of these off-road races, even just for fun (because it wouldn’t be for me). But, next year baby, I’ll see you there.


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I'm an active mom who loves to cook. I'm passionate about health and fitness. I'm no expert, nutritionist, personal trainer or miracle worker. I just like being active and I like good food.
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