Meteor Ride 2011

Here’s another bike ride I’ve been wanting to do for a couple years, but it never works out for me. I’ll miss it again this year. It’s an annual ride to watch a meteor shower, and it takes place Aug. 13 and 14.

What you’d hopefully see when on the Meteor Ride on the Wabash.

The annual Meteor Ride along the Wabash Trace, sponsored by Southwest Iowa Nature Trails, Inc., is a 100-mile leisure ride spread out over two days. Here’s a link to some information on the ride. Unfortunately, not all the details are there – like cost, where to register, etc. – so it’s not much help just yet. I’m looking for the details, but I’m having no luck. If you are interested in participating in this popular ride, I’d suggest going to this page and sending an email to the Wabash people and seeing if they can help.

The ride leaves from Council Bluffs and heads southward. Most people camp overnight and take advantage of the pool pass included in the goodie bag (those who are tired of roughing it can check into a motel in Shenandoah).

The highlight of the trip is the evening viewing of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Can you imagine the great view you’d have if you’re on an unlit bike trail in the middle of nowhere? No city lights to dim the view? Amazing.

It’s a well-organized ride, it seems, since there is a SAG wagon to offer support and camping gear transportation.

Included with the entry fee are:
– Camping gear transport from Council Bluffs to Shenandoah and back to Council Bluffs on Sunday.
– Dinner, beverages, camping site
– Entertainment, prizes, and games
– Sunday morning juice & fruit at Sportsman’s Park and breakfast coupon for The Depot Deli in Shenandoah
– Cool Wabash Trace Snap Koozie
– Mechanical support and SAG support
– Free swimming pass for Shenandoah pool, located in Sportsman’s Park right by the Wabash Trace.
– Live music and supper at the Wabash Winery.
– Ride packet with information and trinkets.


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