Crimes Against Cyclists

A friend recently posted a link to a disturbing blog post on Urban Velo. Cyclists, friends and family of cyclists, and decent human beings will find it unsettling.

The blog is an account of a female cyclist in Mississippi being ran over – TWICE – by a driver. And that’s not the part that left me feeling sick.

No felony charges were filed against the driver of the vehicle.

The blog’s poster, Brad, writes: “Apparently while attempted murder is certainly illegal in Mississippi, along with a number of other things, running over a fellow human after you’ve already hit them in broad daylight while not legal isn’t that against the law.”

The understandably emotional and distressed husband of the cyclist posted on his blog June 22, a month after the incident, with an update and the district attorney’s reason for not pressing charges: “THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY FORREST ALLGOOD TELLS ME IF ANYONE CAN PRODUCE WRITTEN MISSISSIPPI LAW THAT WOULD APPLY TO THIS HE WOULD CERTAINLY USE IT BUT HIS HANDS ARE OTHERWISE TIED.”

It is chilling to think that the district attorney can’t find anything better than misdemeanor charges to be filed. What are your thoughts on this incident?

**  Here’s the cyclist’s husband’s latest update. It sounds like a long road to recovery for her.


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2 Responses to Crimes Against Cyclists

  1. Lily says:

    I have a friend who was in a hit-and-run… She was a pro cyclist and the driver was drunk at the wheel. It’s now 3 years later and she’s still feeling the effects of brain damage and emotional trauma. She will never see straight again and she’s still going through court proceedings to keep the guy locked up to pay for what he did.

    It’s truly disgusting how careless and downright cruel drivers can be. Share the road!

    • kareiner says:

      What a sad situation. I still can’t understand why it has to be a battle for justice when it involves a cyclists – you hit a pedestrian or someone in a car, and it seems to be a much easier process.

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