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If You Want 100%, Squeeze It Yourself

My household is brand loyal to a particular orange juice. It’s 100% juice, so you know, it’s better than some concoction of cheaper stuff. Right? Well… Turns out that even though my juice is still factually 100% juice, it also … Continue reading

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Look Like A Wine Pro Even When You’re Not

I guess I’m in the mood for wine. Wine that I cannot have for a while longer. Does this woman know what she’s doing or is she faking it? Not too long ago, I wrote about a funny post that … Continue reading

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What to Wear in a Triathlon (For the Ladies)

OK,  so you signed up for your first triathlon. Now, on to important matters: What are you going to wear? Not to sound girly, there, but clothes for a triathlon are a little different than any other race. And, being … Continue reading

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Your First Triathlon

Omaha ladies, remember that one time I mentioned a non-competitive triathlon that would make the perfect first-time event? Well, it’s coming up. The tri is Aug. 27, with the first wave of participants swimming at 8 a.m. It takes place … Continue reading

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Meatless Monday … Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh is a popular Middle Eastern salad that originated in Lebanon. It’s primary ingredient is bulgur, which is an oft-overlooked grain. It’s worth looking into this grain as a substitute for rice in some recipes because it has more nutrients … Continue reading

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