And You Thought You Were A Slow Runner

Raise your hand if this thought crossed your mind before your first race ever: Please don’t let me be last.

Even if you have been running at stellar pace all through training, sometimes, there’s that little inkling of fear. If your race is a marathon, never fear. Runners World has found the world’s slowest marathoner.

Scott Lloyd finished the London Marathon last Friday (read an article here). For those of you who pay attention to these sort of things, the London Marathon started April 17.Scott Lloyd in the least aerodynamic costume you can make.

Lloyd, a former goalkeeper and a cancer survivor, “raced” in a snail costume, logging about a mile a day.  He suffered from nose bleeds and hot weather, and the poor man had to dodge all sorts of odd things thrown out on the street.

He did it all for the charity Action for Kids, which is pretty noble. Though, it doesn’t make it any less crazy.

This isn’t the first time Lloyd has ran in some crazy get-up (Google him and you’ll see the phrase “best known for running the London Marathon in a diving suit”). If you want to read a little more about him and see some pictures of previous costumes, see this Sun article. I particularly like the Indiana Jones being chased by a boulder get up.


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