Can You Win This Food Challenge?

I have possibly one of the healthiest fast food (is there such a thing?) pregnancy cravings a woman could ask for: Subway’s Veggie Delight on whole wheat with all the vegetables, except olives, with oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. (This beats my cravings during my first pregnancy: Mac N Cheese and anything in a Dairy Queen container).

Knowing that, you can see why I thought the first “mini-battle” in the DietBlog’s “7 Lunch Foods to Swap In, Not Out” (see it here) was a no-brainer. Big Mac went up against Veggie Delight. Which would you get? Which is better for you?

I already answered those questions while I dusted off the crumbs from the footlong veggie sub I’d just ordered. Interesting side note, a footlong veggie sub is still better for you than eating one McDonald’s Big Mac.

That first one was easy. But, take a look at the other match ups. Which is better for you, a BLT or cheese pizza? Melted cheese versus bacon? They both seem bad, but which is worse?

These match ups with their calorie counts and fat content listed are good food for thought, though it seems silly to ask which should you pick, oranges or baby carrots? We’re talking a difference of 13 calories.

The final match up was useful to me, though. It pairs the energy bar giants PowerBar versus Clif Bar. Flavor-wise, I don’t think PowerBars can stack up to Clif. PowerBar wins in the battle of calories and fat … though, it still won’t sway me from my preference to Clif.

But, yeah, neither are diet food, even if you do associate them with exercise. The Clif Chocolate Brownie Bar weighs in at 240 calories – good only if you’re planning on doing an extended workout, but it counteracts the effort put in if you’re doing a nice 2-mile walk.


About kareiner

I'm an active mom who loves to cook. I'm passionate about health and fitness. I'm no expert, nutritionist, personal trainer or miracle worker. I just like being active and I like good food.
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