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The Baby Jogger also works well for pushing lazy dogs.

If you’re a parent or soon-to-be parent, and you plan on staying in-shape, a jogging stroller may become essential to you. If you don’t always want to rely on a babysitter or kind relative to watch your kid while you workout, you’ll need one of these so you can take him or her along for the ride.

Before I had my son, I figured most strollers were created equally.

You can stop laughing now.

Like everything else you buy for your kids, it’s important to research. I thought as long as I found a jogger that didn’t have a bad rating, I’d be set. Wrong. You need to give these babies a test drive before you buy one.

A couple things go into a good jogging stroller. First priority, for me at least, is its weight. The lighter the better. You will be pushing a heavy baby plus his or her accompaniments, and if you plan on running, that can become quite a task.

Other things to look for: How easy is it to fold and pack away? Do your hands reach the handle of the stroller comfortably or do you feel like you have to stoop? How easy is it to maneuver?

Runner’s World has a few online articles about strollers, some dating back a few years. One of the more recent ones is here. On page two of this article, you can find a couple of running tips for proper stride while pushing one of these big boys around.

This article, though, is just one person’s opinion. So, if you want to compare jogging strollers, here are a few sites to check out here, here and here.

I own two joggers, one cumbersome jogger I bought used and one that was a generous hand-me-down. The one I use, the hand-me-down, is an older model Baby Jogger. It’s light-weight, easy to push and handles bumps well. I can only imagine how ridiculously cool the newest model is.

I have a heckuva time folding up this oldie but a goodie, though, so it usually stays unfolded and take up the entire rear of our small SUV.

I have been coveting BOB strollers for more than a year now, after seeing a running friend push her son around in one. It handles and maneuvers so well on runs and looks so nice.

There is a duel BOB stroller on the above Runner’s World list, though it was part of a voluntary recall of BOB strollers recently. There’s a lesson in keeping up with product recalls and doing research before buying a stroller (especially a used one).

I still hope to get a BOB stroller someday. Anyone got a nice used one they care to sell me?

Thought I’d ask.


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