Blarney Stone 5k 2011

The running community in Omaha came out in full force on St. Patrick’s Day 2011 to run in the annual Blarney Stone 5k.

Unable to resist the call for free pizza following the race, I joined them. With me were my husband, sister, 2 sisters-in-law and a friend of my sister. Everyone in the picture (except for my sister’s friend) is a member of my family’s running team – we’re training for Lincoln Half-Marathon in May.

From left, my husband Kevin, Amy (friend of the family), my sister Kelly, me (in the devil horns and obnoxious white sunglasses), my sister-in-law Jen and sister-in-law Amy. * Pictures courtesy of my brother-in-law, Dan.

We all had different goals for the race. Kevin wanted to set a PR for the race, and he did so – shaving 10 minutes off his last time. He may be a little modest, but he said it helps setting the bar really really low with your first attempt.

My sister Kelly also set a PR in the race, trimming 5 minutes off her time. Here she is below in the cowboy hat, waving, along with the two Amys. My sister-in-law (also waving) was just hoping to finish and the other Amy was out running her first-ever 5K.

I ran with my sister-in-law Jen, who had a goal of running as much as she could of the 5k. My goal was to run but never get out of breath (midwive’s orders). I finished much slower than my 5k PR, but what’s a 13 1/2 pregnant lady to do? At least I wasn’t a sweaty mess at the end of the race.

Here we are about to head up the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge (look for the horns). The wind and the incline was a tricky beast.

The race was an out-and-back run on a trail. The highlight of the run (besides the pizza, and free beer for those who weren’t pregnant or underage) was the bridge. The view was nice, though no one stopped to enjoy it. The bouncing of the bridge, however, added an element of danger that few races get to have.

The organizers put on a great race and after-party. The weatherman lied about the spring-like weather, but we survived, goose-bump and pale legs and all.



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I'm an active mom who loves to cook. I'm passionate about health and fitness. I'm no expert, nutritionist, personal trainer or miracle worker. I just like being active and I like good food.
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