Distracted Running

Runners World’s website had an entertaining guest blogger on Wednesday: A Menacing Thug.

Here’s an excerpt: “As a Menacing Thug who often lurks behind bushes and around dark corners, I am absolutely, 100% pro-iPod.”

I know many runners who wouldn’t consider running without some sort of music piped into their ears. Are you one?

Every once in a while, I wear one – assuming I can find it and it’s charged. When I do, it’s on so low, I can hear passing cars, cyclist’s warnings and most every other noise I need to be aware of. However, on most runs, I skip the music. I think it’s a hold over from being on a bike, when you never ever wear headphones.

When I first started running, I was hyperaware of my surroundings, paranoid as I was about being a lone girl running around downtown Omaha. I ran with pepper spray. But I wore headphones (and funny to think back, I wore a discman belly bag … ha!).

Now, I live in a quiet neighborhood. I don’t think twice about running on my own, though I still listen for people coming up from behind me.

I probably won’t go out and buy more pepper spray to carry with me, but it doesn’t hurt to read something like this from time to time to remind me not to get too complacent.

What do you think of this thug blogger (besides being slightly irked by him saying “jogger” instead of “runner” when discussing the mugging)? Some of the comments were comical, but some had a good point: How loud is this mugger in the bushes if he thinks a runner without headphones would be able to hear him?

Or is how loud a menacing person even the point? Do you think listening to music – even at a low level – is more than enough to distract a person from being totally tuned in to their surroundings?


Head’s up: I hope to have some pictures posted of the Blarney Stone 5K Race I did yesterday with friends and family. Check back tomorrow!


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I'm an active mom who loves to cook. I'm passionate about health and fitness. I'm no expert, nutritionist, personal trainer or miracle worker. I just like being active and I like good food.
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