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Meatless Monday: Edamame Rice Bowls

Edamame is soybeans, and a staple in the Japanese kitchen. These little guys pack a whopping 17 grams of protein per cup – and only 8 grams of fat – making them a wonderful plant-based source of protein. They also … Continue reading

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The Post-Run Reward

Warning: While I usually like to keep this blog focused on healthy food, from time to time, we need to indulge. No judging, got it? Admit it. You’ve got a secret post-run reward, that special something that gets you to … Continue reading

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True Grits and the King’s Beans

Photo courtesy of Big Girls, Small Kitchen True Grits. How’s that for a recipe tie-in to a movie? If you’re pop culture challenged, let me be the first to inform you the Academy Awards are Sunday night. Oscar parties abound. … Continue reading

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Sneaky Salty Foods

Everyone’s telling you you’ve got to cut back on sodium. It’s in the news and maybe your doctor has mentioned it. Maybe you heard some pearls of wisdom on “Biggest Loser” or something about cutting back on salt. Why does … Continue reading

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If Anyone Can Make Oatmeal Unhealthy, It’s …

File this in: I’m Not Surprised. Mark Bittman, a food columnist for The New York Times, wrote an interesting column Tuesday about McDonald’s take on oatmeal. It’s titled “How to Make Oatmeal … Wrong.” In it, he brings to light … Continue reading

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