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Don’t Just Taste The Rainbow, Eat The Rainbow

Are you like me and just want things spelled out once and for all: What are the healthiest foods we should be eating? In the last eight years, I’ve made it a goal to learn about the foods I should … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Essentials

Winter is my least favorite time of year for many reasons, but a big one is that we’re indoors all the time. Treadmills get boring fast and riding on a bike trainer is a big yawn too. I’ve seen a … Continue reading

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Meatless Monday … DIY Stock

Here’s a recipe you’ll need if you want to make soups and other dishes completely from scratch: Vegetable stock. When you make your own stock or broth, you greatly reduce the amount of sodium that goes into your meals. Check … Continue reading

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The Lighter Side of … Weightlifting

“If the weights start to complain …”

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Yoga for the Cyclist

For the seasoned biker, snow is not an obstacle for a ride. I don’t own studded tires, so it is for me. Besides sitting on a bike trainer for hours, what else can a person do? Yoga. In an article … Continue reading

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